£10,000 raised for Amazing Grace School in Uganda

Two former pupils of Heritage, recently returned from a month long visit to Kisoro in South Western Uganda.  They went to volunteer at Amazing Grace School – a school that Heritage is linked to and has supported for the past eight years. On her return, Maisie wrote:

“Having grown up at Heritage learning about Amazing Grace, it was a privilege to visit the school and to meet the people we have heard about and written to for years.’

‘During our time there, Katie and I spent our days teaching English lessons (sometimes with 55 pupils in a class) reading and playing with the children at break times and during their P.E lessons. Despite it not being their first language, they only speak and teach in English at Amazing Grace. We were so impressed by the children’s fluency and their eagerness to learn.  They also showed great enthusiasm in their P.E lessons and they loved the British games we introduced such as Duck Duck Goose and Tug of War!’

‘The school has around 456 pupils and many of these are boarders. A high percentage of the children are sadly orphans. Even though Amazing Grace is a private school, not everyone is able to pay the school fees. Those who can’t, are either supported by sponsors or are able to attend through a fund that the school has for such eventualities. It was great to meet many of those children sponsored by families in the UK and to see first hand how a small donation each month can make a huge difference to a child’s life. They are provided with a great education, three full meals a day (unlike many government schools in the region) and a safe place to sleep. Without this support they would be going without school and without a place to live.   Now they have real hope for the future, of finishing their education and getting a good job.’

Amazing Grace has developed rapidly since it opened in 2011. The school is so thankful for all the support that Heritage has given over the years.  To date, this has amounted to over £10,000 which has been used to build:

  • Most of a new kitchen building
  • Most of a perimetre wall to surround the school and  prevent children from wandering off
  • Most of a new dorm for the boys
  • Solar power for the main dormitory blocks
  • And this year: the construction of classroom block with the most recent tranche for windows and doors

This past academic year, Heritage has raised over £2000 for Amazing Grace School.  We would like to thank the amazing work of the HCA team and the many parents who have made a donation.  Dr Creed, a former Heritage parent and the UK Director of Amazing Grace adds:

I cannot thank the friends and family of Heritage School enough for the life changing difference that you have made to so many grateful children in Uganda. Education is quite simply the difference between subsistence farming at best to a reasonable standard of living. You have made that wonderful difference.”

Katie and Maisie summarised their trip as having been  ‘a truly unforgettable and life changing experience’.  For further information about how you can make a life changing donation to sponsor a child at Amazing Grace School, please either go to the HCA / Amazing Grace School pages of the Parent Portal or contact our Bursar, Catriona Buchanan on  c.buchanan@heritageschool.org.uk