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Staff and Trustees

Senior Managers

Headmaster, Co-Founder Mr Jason Fletcher
Co-Founder, Head of Curriculum and Staff Development Mrs Fiona Macaulay-Fletcher
Assistant Head of Curriculum and Staff Development Mrs Elaine Cooper
Head of Seniors Mr Jonathan Burden
Head of Juniors, SENCO Mrs Jeni Watkins
Head of Infants Mrs Jean Carter
Head of Academics Mrs Jenny Fleck
Assistant Head of Seniors, Assistant SENCO Seniors Mrs Caroline Wren
Bursar Mrs Catriona Buchanan
Office & Facilities Manager Mrs Evelyn Taylor

Infant and Junior School Class Teachers and Teaching Assistants

Lower Preparatory Mrs Kate Lee
Upper Preparatory Mrs Jean Carter and Mrs Isobel Burden
Year 2 Mrs Ruth Duffett and Mrs Isobel Burden
Year 3 Mrs Cecilia Symons and Mrs Isobel Burden
Year 4 Mrs Helen Eldridge and Mrs Jeni Watkins
Year 5 Miss Emma Owens
Year 6 & Assistant SENCO Juniors Mrs Laura Parkinson
Lower Preparatory Teaching Assistant Miss Helen Cage
Upper Preparatory & Y2 Teaching Assistant Miss Lisa Irwin
Year 3 and 4 Teaching Assistant Mrs Rebecca Hayward
Junior School Teaching Assistant Mrs Michelle Spriddell
Infant School Teaching Assistant Mrs Bethany Atkinson

Senior School Subject Teachers

Head of Maths (Y7+) Mr Pete Appleyard
Maths (Y7+) Mr Pete Atkinson
English (Y9 – Y11) Mrs Evelyn Strachan
English (Y7 – Y8) Mrs Sarah Dingley
Head of Senior Science Ms Megan Carter
Biology & Chemistry (Y7+) Ms Megan Carter
Physics & Chemistry (Y7+) Mrs Rebecca Pluke
Science Technician Mrs Rebecca Jawaid
Head of Languages Mrs Jenny Fleck
French (LP-Y3) Mrs Netty Smith
French (Y4-Y8) Mrs Kat Deudney
French (Y9-Y11) Mrs Stephanie Austin
Spanish (Y7+) Mrs Jenny Fleck
Greek (Y8+) Mr Jonathan Burden
Latin (Y5+) Mr Jonathan Burden
Geography (Y6+) Mrs Jacky Hulett
History (Y7-Y9) Mrs Caroline Wren
History (Y9+) Mrs Ruth Rowland
Religious Studies (Y7+)  Dr Paul Martin
Art (Y3-Y6) Ms Emma Robertson
Art & Design (Y7+) Mr John Beaton
Handicraft (UP-Y2) Mrs Isobel Burden
Handicraft (Y4-Y6) Ms Emma Robertson
Head of Music Mr Timothy Kwan
Music (LP-Y2) Mrs Rachel Good
Music (Y3+) Mr Timothy Kwan
Piano Mrs Elizabeth Alderson
Violin Mrs Rachel Good
Woodwind Miss Jocelyn Howell
Brass Mr Christopher Clark
Guitar Mr Michael Roca-Terry
Voice Ms Amy Klohr
Senior Drama (Y7+) Mrs Sarah Dingley
Director of Sport Mr Colin Hulett
Sport Mrs Jemma Eastwood
Computing (Y6-Y8) Mr Pete Atkinson
IGCSE Computer Science Mr Pete Atkinson

Support Staff

Receptionist & Administrator Mrs Julia Stevenson
Administrator Mrs Catherine Lawless
School Counsellor, Enrichment Coordinator Mrs Bettina Scarlata
Admissions Mrs Estelle Cubitt
Examinations Officer Mrs Imogen Scott
Librarian Mrs Gail Pilkington
Communications Mrs Cecilia Amies
Uniform Mrs Jacky Hulett
IT Advisor Mr Thomas Keller


Mr David Alderson
Mr Thomas Amies (Chairman)
Mr Douglas Leckie
Mr Ranald Macaulay
Revd Dr Rob McDonald
Mrs Catherine Meakin
Mrs Susan Schaeffer-Macaulay

Trustees may be contacted by writing to the school office, marked to the attention of the relevant Trustee(s).

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