• Making a rich education relatively affordable.


Full price per term (2019-20)
Lower Prep £2,635
Upper Prep £3,065
Years 2 & 3 £3,285
Years 4, 5 & 6 £3,485
Years 7 & 8 £3,695
Years 9, 10 & 11 £3,775

We are committed to relative affordability because we want to make a rich education available to as many children as possible. Inflation of independent school fees in recent years has vastly outstripped wage inflation, making access to independent schools more and more difficult for middle income families. We are seeking to stand against this trend.

We also seek to focus our energies upon what matters most. The things necessary for the growth of persons – their minds, their relationships, their attitudes – are relatively simple and do not cost the earth.

Excellent teachers, good classroom resources and creative use of the city (and beyond) as an extension of the classroom, these are the essential ingredients that make Heritage highly effective.

There is a 10% sibling discount, which increases by 5% for each additional sibling.

Fees are paid monthly, usually by Direct Debit collection, from August to July of each academic year.

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