Nature Photography Challenge

With nature giving us her very best during this lock down, pupils were asked as their 3rd Nature Challenge to capture a stunning photograph of a flower or a tree, either from the garden or on their daily walk.  We received so many beautiful pictures a few of which are shown below. Many congratulations to all our budding photographers.



School Open for Lower Prep, Upper Prep & Year 6

We were so pleased to welcome 37 more pupils back to school today in addition to our Key Worker Children. We now have 9 pupils in Lower Prep with Mrs Lee and Miss Cage, 10 pupils in Upper Prep with Mrs Carter and Miss Carter and 18 pupils in Year 6 with Mrs Parkinson.

Pupils are being looked after in  ‘bubbles’, (with Key Worker Children in their own bubble, working from the Year 2 and Year 4 classroom’s.) With a staggered start time at the beginning of the day, the bubbles are well spaced out as they move through the building, in the classrooms and the playground. Year 6 are divided into two bubbles, (the girls and the boys) and are working from The Hall. Each bubble has their own allocated play equipment which is disinfected after use.

Mr Fletcher says’

“We are pleased there has been such a strong response from parents of pupils in LP, UP and Y6. It is great to have more pupils back on site and to see so many happy and familiar faces! We are confident in the safety measures we have in place.”

Now providing full days for our youngest classes

To simplify logistics for parents, Heritage is pleased to offer the (optional) provision of five full days a week for both Lower Prep and Upper Prep pupils from September 2020.

Heritage has intentionally designed a gentle start for our youngest pupils, with two full days and three half days for Lower Prep (and one half day for Upper Prep). We still believe that this brings a helpful balance to a child’s week, with focussed, high quality learning taking place at school and time to rest and play at home. However to simplify logistics for parents for whom the half-days are unworkable, we are now offering Stay & Play on each of the half days; Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 1pm-3:30pm. This is also applicable to Upper Prep pupils on Wednesdays.

Stay & Play will be lead by Miss Cage and her team. Miss Cage is an exceptional member of staff, she was recently nominated Student of the Year on completion of her Foundation Degree in Education and Play. Her Stay & Play sessions are full of delights and include gardening and cooking, crafts and stories, free play and trips to the playground, the City Library and Cambridge Botanic Gardens. The children in her care all love it.

These sessions are entirely extra curricular. They do not contain any extra teaching and are intentionally low-key. Children who do not attend will not be missing out.
For more information please contact

The Show Must Go On

In order that we may enjoy performances by our young musicians even in the midst of lockdown, Mr Fletcher invited pupils to submit recordings of their chosen pieces for a digital Recital Assembly.  It was very much enjoyed by pupils and parents alike and many thanks to all who worked hard preparing and practising and sending their work in.  Please keep playing and we hope we will be able to enjoy more live performances very soon.


Last week’s Nature Challenge involved listening and identifying bird song common to the area where pupils live or walk. Using the RSPB website pupils were encouraged to draw or paint and label pictures of the birds they have identified. We have received many wonderful pictures some of which are shown below.
Mrs Fletcher led the bird song challenge with the key worker children at school. They had fantastic luck funding a robin on the garage roof and a blackbird singing on a telephone wire just behind. They recorded them using a phone and on returning to the classroom checked the recording against the RSPB link before painting the beautiful birds.