• A Wonderful Nativity and Christmas Concert
    Term ended with a beautiful Nativity from the Infants, accompanied by narrations from a small group of Seniors and the rest of the school singing a wonderful selection of carols.  Thank you to parents for all the costumes,  to pupils for all their rehearsing and to the staff who worked so hard to bring it altogether. […]
  • Ashurbanipal at The British Museum
    In early December, Years 7 & 8 celebrated the end of their exams with an all-day enrichment trip to London. We took in two special exhibitions, one at The British Library and the other at The British Museum. In the morning we visited the British Museum’s I am Ashurbanipal exhibition, which illustrates with a truly stunning […]
  • Championship Record for Head Boy at British Rowing Indoor Championships
    Earlier this month, Head Boy, William Buchanan went to the Velodrome in London for the British Rowing Indoor Championships.  He competed in the Y 11 Boys Event – a race over 6 minutes during which he travelled 1,844 metres earning a magnificent 2nd place.  He later took part in the Junior Mixed Relay – a race […]
  • School Magazine Launched Today
    Heritage’s first School Magazine Club launched this term and has been a great success.  Led by Sylvia Carr Clebsch – a writer, editor and journalist and a Heritage parent, the Club consisted of ten Juniors and five Seniors, meeting weekly throughout the term. Sylvia said ‘‘It was really exciting to work together to create the […]
  • Christmas Lunch at Queens’ College
    The torrential rain stopped and the crocodile of Heritage Infants and Juniors made its way across the Fen to Queens’ College, helped over puddles and across roads by staff and parent volunteers bedecked in sparkly antlers and other festive finery. Once again Queens’ laid on a wonderful lunch, and everyone from the youngest LP to […]
  • Swimming Gala Makes A Splash
    We all enjoyed our first all inclusive y3-11 swimming gala last week at The Leys : Dragon v Griffin v Phoenix v Pegasus. The Seniors were on first, with races ranging from 50m Individual, to the Large Float Relay (harder than it sounds) and the Whole Squad Relay. Then the Juniors took to the pool, again […]
  • A Christmas Carol by Year 7
    Year 7 did a tremendous job last week in their performance of ‘A Christmas Carol’, putting everybody into the Christmas spirit. Every pupil took part and various staff members came together to help make it an enjoyable and successful production. Many thanks to all involved. (Mrs Strachan) ‘Tense and full of adrenaline, I sat on […]
  • The Joy of Handicrafts
    The great value of children learning Handicrafts is frequently highlighted in the press.  At Heritage we are passionate about Handicrafts and we offer a weekly lesson in the curriculum. The human hand is a wonderful and exquisite instrument to be used in a hundred movements exacting delicacy, direction and force. The children make things from […]
  • Poetry at Heritage
    Recitation Assemblies remain a highlight every half term for pupils and parents alike, as class by class, the children stand to recite collectively the poem they have been learning together.  Our hope and intention at Heritage is that the children will enjoy learning each of these poems individually and that over time they will build […]
  • Senior School Lunches
    This Term a new initiative has been launched to hold formal lunches with every year group in the Senior School once a week at Panton Hall.  Tutors are invited to come, as well as Mr Burden (Head of Seniors) and Mrs Wren (Head of Pastoral) and the Headmaster, Mr Fletcher when he can. For the […]
  • A Trip To The Battlefields
    On 19th October, 40 intrepid pupils set off for the triennial French / History Battlefields Trip. We were delighted to be joined by Mme Haddow and were fortunate to have fabulous weather throughout the trip. Mrs Rowland had planned a full programme of visits including, on the first day, Poperinge with its contrasting Talbot House […]
  • Forest School Baton is passed from Y4 to Y6.
    As the Forest School baton is handed on from Year 4 to Year 6, Mr Catley shares a few thoughts from the pioneer group’s time in Abington woods. ‘When we first arrived, we had to choose a base camp.  This involved working together to haul some very large logs into place in a clearing the […]
  • Bronze D of E Expedition successfully completed
    On Fri 28th September 17 Y10s set off on their Duke of Edinburgh Bronze award assessed expedition, walking from the environs of Graham Water to the environs of Oundle, a total distance of approx 25km in two days with an overnight camp. They had exceptionally good weather both days, if somewhat cold for camping with […]
  • Music Making This Term
    This year the Music department is giving pupils some additional whole-class performance opportunities. We now have a class set of ocarinas, which were wonderfully showcased in our Infant & Junior Recital Assembly by our enthusiastic year 6 class. Ocarinas are accessible to all children and make a warm, mellow sound – an ideal choice for […]
  • A Trip to Tate Modern and Tate Britain
    Year 10 & Year 11 Art GCSE pupils enjoyed a visit to the Tate Modern and Tate Britain Art Galleries to undertake research for their individual coursework projects. Walking from Bank towards The Millennium Bridge, the contrast of architectural styles of the buildings on the way created a lasting impression while the beautiful sunny day […]
  • A Trip to Hunstanton
    Our Year 11 Geography pupils enjoyed a two day trip to Hunstanton at the start of the term. They conducted three studies. The first was a sand dune eco-system study, looking at the progression of sand dunes away from the sea (species identification, sand ph, infiltration rates, % vegetation cover etc). The second study involved […]
  • The Launch of Heritage Forest School
    We are delighted to announce the launch of Heritage Forest School, to be led by Mr Catley (an expert in this field) as part of our Enrichment programme. Every Thursday afternoon for half a term, one class will be going to Abington Woods to learn forest based activities and crafts. Y4 will be our pioneers […]
  • IGCSE and GCSE Results 2018
    Our third class of Year 11 leavers (a class of 18 pupils,) received their exam results yesterday. ● 48%​ of all results were awarded A* (or 9 – 8). ● 69%​ of all results were awarded A* – A (or 9 – 7). ● 87%​ of all results were awarded A* – B (or 9 […]
  • Magic was in the Air!
    Magic was in the air as Year 6 entertained and surprised us in equal measure, with their outstanding performance of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ on the final night of term. Puck, a mistress of magic and muddles, made us perpetually laugh with delight as she flitted her way through the play, accompanied by Megan’s fabulous […]
  • What do Heritage Parents think about the ‘Screen Free Challenge’?
    While the use of smart phones in schools continues to be hotly debated up and down the country, the challenge of Heritage’s ‘Screen Free Week’ last term, gave many the chance to review their use of screens at home. Around 1/3 of Heritage families told the School Office that they took the Screen Free Challenge […]
  • Appointment of our New Head Girl and Head Boy
    Appointing a new Head Girl and Boy at Heritage is a great pleasure, both for the school and the two pupils who have succeeded in the selection process. This year our new Head Girl is Amy Robson and our Head Boy is William Buchanan. Leah Monmont and Anthony Austin will assist them as our two […]
  • Success for Junior Maths Challenge Entrants!
    On 26th April 2018, 27 pupils from Year 7 & 8 took part in the annual UKMT Junior Maths Challenge. The challenge consists of a 1 hour multiple choice paper, comprising tricky maths problems and puzzles. It is the UK’s most popular mathematics competition with over 300 000 students taking part each year. Bronze, Silver […]
  • A successful first year of Heritage After School Club
    All the testimonies conclude that Heritage’s After School Club has been enormous fun and a great success. Miss Cage has struck just the right balance, allowing the LP children to relax and enjoy their Monday and Friday afternoon’s off from school, with a huge variety of fun, creative and where possible outdoor activities. Miss Cage […]
  • The Season of Mini Class Recitals
    Mini class recitals take place towards the end of each term. The intention behind them is to give all pupils the chance to perform to a small and friendly audience, regardless of ability or confidence level. It is great to see pupils who have never had music lessons, perform on an instrument they have been […]
  • An Inspirational Leavers Service
    On a very sunny Saturday at the end of June 2018, Heritage School gathered together at Panton Hall with a wonderful cohort of eighteen Y11 pupils, their families, friends and teachers, to celebrate finishing one chapter of their education and to encourage and envision them as they step into the next stage of their lives. […]
  • Highlights of Year 4’s Camp
    One of the highlights of Year 4 is the much anticipated annual overnight camp which takes place in June. This year we arrived at the beautiful tree-filled site at Abington in gloriously sunny weather, and the children quickly got to grips with erecting their tents. The afternoon was spent learning wood crafting skills, some basic […]
  • Silver DofE Expedition Completed
    Before leaving Heritage, Y11 set off for their Silver D ofE expedition in Shropshire and the weather looked perfect for walking.  There was absolutely no forecast of any rain.  In fact, they actually suffered from rather too much sun which was quite a trial during the three days with their heavy rucksacks.  Not deterred, the […]
  • A Capstone Course for Year 11 Leavers
    Year 11 finished their time at Heritage with a Capstone Course designed to provide the Leavers with an opportunity to build on their Heritage education and send them off motivated to live thoughtful and purposeful lives. During the four-morning course at Emmanuel College taught by Dr. Greg Jesson, a University Philosophy Professor, the pupils considered the […]
  • Heritage’s 4th Annual Screen Free Week
    This week is an important event in the life of the school – and one we strongly encourage all families to be involved in:  Heritage Screen Free Week.  The idea is that after school, in the evenings, and throughout the weekend of 16-17 June, pupils and preferably the whole family, do not make use of any screens.  It […]
  • A Trip to The Globe
    Year 9 spent an enriching day on London’s Southbank.  Starting with a picnic lunch in the sunshine by the Thames, they then spent the afternoon watching a fantastic performance of ‘The Merchant of Venice’ at The Globe. It was a touring production, involving a very talented cast who all played double roles with great skill.  […]