• Latin study begins in Year 4 as a satisfying puzzle to solve.

Classical Languages

At Heritage we start Latin in Year 4. Why? It is satisfying in itself as a ‘puzzle’ to solve. More than that, it is important for understanding the roots of a huge number of English and French words and it provides a strong grounding in grammar. It also gives pupils access into the always fascinating history of the classical world.

In Years 5 and 6 pupils follow the Cambridge Latin Course Book 1 as their primary resource. In Year 7 pupils use resources developed by Bob Bass, such as Latin Practice Exercises, as well as elements of the Cambridge Latin Course Book 2. At the end of Year 7 they make a choice about which languages to continue. Knowledge of grammar is extended in Year 8 in readiness for commencing the GCSE course in Year 9 for those who elect to do so. The GCSE course draws on a range of resources, particularly those developed by John Taylor.

The GCSE syllabus we follow is: OCR GCSE Latin (J282).

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