• IGCSEs are better preparation for A level.


At Heritage we offer IGCSEs rather than GCSEs, with the exception of Latin, as they are generally considered better courses which prepare pupils more thoroughly for progression to A-level.

Our pupils make their IGCSE subject choices at the end of Year 8 rather than the end of Year 9. This allows more teaching and learning time within each IGCSE course, enabling teachers to explore topics in greater depth, or explore more topics on a syllabus, and feel less pressure merely to ‘get through the material’. As they progress through the course, pupils are thoroughly prepared to understand the demands of the exams themselves and good exam technique, but throughout their IGCSE years we keep the focus upon intrinsic reasons for studying each subject.

We encourage pupils to take 10 subjects. Subject to discussion, it is possible for pupils to take more or less.

The core IGCSEs everyone takes are:

English Literature
English Language

Biology and/or Physics
French and/or Spanish

A pupil’s remaining subjects are drawn from the following options:

Religious Studies

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