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  • At the heart of Heritage’s learning culture is the conviction that every child is a person

Pastoral Care

At the heart of Heritage’s learning culture is the conviction that every child is a person, equal in dignity and value to any other. Every individual matters.

Every effort is made to ensure that each pupil is understood, supported and nurtured. Given that healthy relationship are necessary for any person’s well-being, good relationships are encouraged throughout the school. This is an end in itself. It also necessary if pupils are to have the emotional stability necessary to realise their academic potential.

The structure of Heritage means it is uniquely well placed to encourage good relationships and offer pastoral support. Our small class sizes and being a relatively small school as a whole are, and will remain, intrinsic to who we are and the service we provide to our pupils.

For Infants and Juniors, the class teacher is responsible for delivering pastoral support, together with the Head of Infants or Head of Juniors, and the School Counsellor. Seniors are supported by the Head of Seniors, specialist teachers, their Tutors, and the School Counsellor.

The Tutor System 

Every pupil in the Senior School is allocated a Tutor responsible for that pupil’s general well-being. Tutors usually have about five pupils they are responsible for and arrange one-to-one sessions on a regular basis. Academic progress is closely monitored, and any concerns of either an academic or pastoral nature are addressed. This system enhances the naturally strong relationships that exist between staff and pupils in our Senior School.

The School Counsellor

Our School Counsellor provides additional expertise into the pastoral support system at Heritage. She is able to give immediate, on-site responses to pupils when needed and can implement early intervention strategies for those experiencing emotional, behavioural or social difficulties.

Pupils can chat with her about any concerns they may have. She can support pupils struggling with underlying issues affecting academic performance, mediate conflicts between pupils, or help parents with issues at home. She is also involved in our post-16 transitions career guidance.

Pupils will get to know the School Counsellor through her involvement in PSHE lessons, careers guidance, our Enrichment Programme, small group meetings from Year 4 and up, and talks in assemblies. She is a trusted member of the wider school community and, therefore, a comfortable person for pupils to talk to. Pupils can be referred by their teachers or by parents or they can ask to see the School Counsellor themselves.

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